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My Very Special Crafty Bastards Preview

This is my 6th year as a Crafty Bastard. To say the most hugest amazing indie craft fair has changed my life is a little over-dramatic. But it is kinda true. It has kept me making, kept me thinking about being creative, kept me interested in a world where people use their hands to create new things. With only 4 more days until the big show, I was wondering what my preview was going to look like. So I grabbed some of my new stuffs and took the family outside to get some photos. Here's a preview of my newest offerings. All of these will be available in my online shop next week and these plus much much more will be ready in time for holiday shopping.

Jeff models the first full scale Tina Seamonster shirt.

All the kids are eating unicorns these days! Let's tell them to stop! Rachel and Anya are really serious about this! And the ink on Rachel's face is her own doing. She was trying to tattoo herself! These are gocco printed and limited to kids sizes.

Awesome amazing duct tape wallets made my Lisa Seamonster. This first one is about how zombies are crap at knitting. There are about 5 other designs.

New book marks!

And the new anti-holiday card pits zombies vs. a defenseless Baby Jesus! (And please don't tell me I am going to hell. These are meant to be funny and not mean. Note how Baby J remains unharmed!)

I have to say that when Jeff got sick last year, I thought there was no way I would ever make anything again. But here I am, nearly ready for Crafty. Hoping it translates into more making in my future!

Crafty Bastards is Saturday, October 3rd (rain or shine!) in Adams Morgan from 10 to 5 at the Marie Reed Learning Center. I am on the tennis courts this year! Check out for more information!


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