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me and sara at X

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to take part in the X in DC event at the Bebar. Check out their website,

As soon as I see Sara (Pile of Craft), I start spilling my crafty guts out. It is rapid fire. I am telling her about the new designs that Scottbmotorbike and I are talking about. About this one new one that makes me laugh and about the holiday cards and how I want to make 1000 of them and sell them all before xmas. Then I am jumping into the new Yeti Loves Seamonster project and then talking about shirt pricing and then realize I haven't asked her how she is or anything.

I have been so inspired by the world lately and it makes me want to make and make and make some more and I have no one to talk to about it. I mean, I talk to Jeff, but he wants to hear about this as much as I want to hear about Halo 3, so it doesn't really count.

Erin, who works on the X in DC project has actually picked up our non-driving selves and taken us to the Bebar and this is amazing and fabulous and nice and did I mention rad? Sara and I set up in a little nook in the club and settle in with our pens and paper and start to conspire on all sorts of things that make me think and excited and wish I had another day in my day to do more of what I love.

I have come to realization that the craft of craft is not really the best part of the craft. Do you know what I mean? It is the people of craft and the reaching out and storytelling and the new ways that we are all living. Sara and I talk about this, in this strange place, with this awesome backdrop of sound and images and live painting. This is a very different world from mine and yet I have been made to feel at home in it and I don't care if I sell anything tonight, I just wanna talk to people and listen to people and live in the world. I do this. I practice my own advice. You never know who are you talking to. Everyone is someone amazing. So you better be rad yourself. I give out lots of free cards (not postcards, but stock). The very lovely Yoko, who is an X regular artist, talks to me for a long time about my ghost design. I am not used to this much talking about something that I have done. I am used to this much thinking, but not this much talking. I am slightly embarrassed by it at first. I always feel this way about my silly stuff. But she is fabulous and totally gets it and totally makes me tell the story about how I almost died when the girls were born. And in one moment, it hits me what this means. I knew it. I have known it, but it finally hits me. And I think of that taxi cab hitting months later. And I realize that I should have known that day. That hour, that moment on that January 30th when my girls were tiny babies. I should have figured this all out. The moment that the car and I connected and i was flying through the air and landing on the hood of that car and being thrown to the ground. But I couldn't. We can't really. We can't look our own mortality in the eyes and meet it and love it and be it and survive it. It takes time and this is how long it has taken. And I am talking to Yoko, who I don't know, and we are talking about ghosts and wham!, I am realizing that every day that we live is a day that we could also die. And that I passed it by twice and that I am a lucky seamonster.

The rest of the evening is rad and I talk to more people who have met me other places, long ago and this surprises me. I feel like a different me has been out in the world meeting bloggers and tribal dancers and painters and this me stays home and watches too much Dora the Explorer. Like I have this more interesting twin or something.

One of the X photographers, Graham Meyer (, digs the new zombie underwear that I made for the event. Too bad, the underwear all seem too big for this skinny crowd! I make a note of this, that my adult Zombie Underoos need need need to me smaller. We go outside to the alley to get more light and he snaps some funny pictures of me holding them. Here is one:

It was a cool night. I had lots of fun, the people were rad. I left with more ideas and work to do. I dig this. Once again, I can't believe I wasted so much of my adult life doing nothing.


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That pic of you and the undies is awesome!

And yes, that's exactly how I feel about the crafting world, there are so many amazng people in it, and working craft shows has become *so* hard for me because all I want to do is walk around and visit with all my favorite crafting pals!

Funny, my friend just bought the first season of "Dead Like Me" on dvd and we watched the pilot episode late late saturday night. You might like it. :)

Hey, and happy birthday! Have I hit all of your social sites? I think I might have. And this might be my longest comment ever. heheee.

I totally know what you mean.

Tina, you and Sara we're great at 'X' thanks so much for participating!


I'm glad you had fun! Hope to see you at the next X! :D

We were really pleased to have you guys participate! Can't wait for Crafty Bastards, I am just going to come and hang out in tents. And you thought it was going to be difficult with your kids....

Tina and Sara,

Your art is amazing. You are the perfect compliment to any x event. Thank you for being apart of our collective and driving awareness to the X platform. Also, my niece, who loves Sea Monsters loved her little t-shirt. It is clever and sincere and was simply the perfect gift for her birthday.

Co-founder X / Flavoredlayers

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