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aldron godbolt called

I am desperately trying to finish Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. For a few nights, Jeff and I sat in the living room until quite late, reading and reading and reading. I felt like we were studying for an exam. It was stressful. Of course, he reads far faster than me, so he is done. But I am still stuck around page 400.

The amount of free time that I actually have has become so very clear. I am also realizing that I need glasses big time, as I find myself reading with one eye shut. Cyclops reader.

The funny thing is, I want to finish it so that I can listen to my beloved Mugglecast. How weird is that? I want to finish the book so that I can listen to other people analyze it. The 3 Harry Potter podcasts that I listen to have so made my fandom of the series more enjoyable. In this order, I enjoy, Mugglecast, Harry Potter Prognostications and then Pottercast. If any of those URLs are wrong it is because I am too afraid of being spoiled on the ending to check them!

Yesterday morning the phone rang once. Jeff brought it to me to show me the name of the caller, "Aldron Godblot" was calling. Jeff said, "Is the Harry Potter universe calling us?" I thought with giggles of some poor wizard accidently dialing a Muggle phone. With a name like Aldron Godblot, there is no way you are a Muggle.


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Tina...Jeff E-mailed me back and told me you were about 1/2 done...I probably would have finished at about the same time he did, but I chose to go to bed at 11:15 rather than read the final 20 pages or so...finished it when I got home from work yesterday. How are you enjoying it? I told Jeff that there is no way that this could be geared towards grade-schoolers. Too violent. Loved the book, but I was shocked at the level of violence. The movie will need to be rated PG-13 at a minimum, unless there gonna cut out a LOT of the important stuff.

Thanks for listening to HPProgs! We've had some great discussion in the comments on our blog, when you're done with the book, of course. ;) Enjoy!

oh man, hurry! i read it on the last two days of our vacation -- couldn't put it down! but i also made dave take care of the kids, so i was able to just sit and read. heh. i loved it. everything was tied up satisfactorily, i think.

My husband is reading the last few chapters now. I'm a faster reader than he is, and it's so hard to wait for him to finish so we can have our little book group discussion. I'll have to check out those podcasts. Not sure if I have time for one more diversion, but they sound fun.

Enjoy finishing the book- it's really good! :-)

The book is great. I stayed up until 2:30 this morning reading it. I could not put it down. I think I'm going to re-read it starting later today.

It is brilliant; simply brilliant.

So hurry up and finish! :-)

And I think that Mr. Aldron Godblot must work at the Ministry. Probably in the Department of Muggle Affairs.

None of my real life (non internet) friends read Harry Potter. I just finished it on the weekend. I didn't want it to end. I wish I had read it slower and savored it. When I was done I wanted to talk about it with someone and had no one to talk to. Now I'm checking the links you listed, getting my Harry Potter fix that way. :)

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