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i saw yeti underwear on etsy today

Today on etsy, I saw these rad Yeti undies. Didn't buy them cause my bum is far bigger than this, but they are still rad. ( Oh and LemonCadet says, "If you would like a creature like this, or any of my other little guys, just send me an email. I am happy to take special requests for panties or other articles of clothing in many sizes.") Rad.

From LemonCadet

LemonCadet has lots of other yetis, though. I like the yeti. I wish I had one for a pet. Of course, who doesn't!

I also dig the Milkman's designs on kid's shirts:

From Milkman

You can even get your shirt in a milk bottle!


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Tina, LemonCadet is the girl from WV I was telling you about who emailed me to say she was coming to the Squidfire show too. She seems really nice, I look forward to meeting her. Also, you can send her your own pair of undies, and she will put a yeti on them!

thanks caitlin for showing me that she will put it on your own undies!

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